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UWCA at the SNRU “Career Week”

On March 27–28, the Academician Korolev Samara National Research University hosted an All-Russian Student Career Forum called "Aviation and Cosmonautics". The Forum was a part of a "Career Week" event, listing among its participants the leading industry universities of the country and big enterprises of the aerospace industry, including JSC “UWCA” (Ural Works of Civil Aviation).nedelia_kareri_1.jpgThe guests of the Career Week enjoyed various activities such as round tables, a job fair, an interactive game between employers and students on technical case studies, and all kinds of tours and excursions.

During the two days of the Forum the students and graduates of technical departments had an opportunity to learn about open vacancies, internship and work placement programs directly from the representatives of the leading Russian and international companies.
nedelia_kareri_2.jpgOne of the most interesting events at the Forum was a technical case study conducted as a game-like activity which was aimed at identifying the most talented among the participating students and graduates. It involved more than 60 people, who for two hours performed various specific tasks set by the representatives of the guests-enterprises of the Forum. The UWCA presented case studies based on its own investigation of unique cases of parts breakdown and engine failures during the operational time of the devices. To make it more informative, the company even showed the samples of these broken mechanisms. The students had an opportunity to familiarize themselves with the failed parts and had a chance to independently determine characteristic signs of the breakdown and even find out the specific deviations from the production and repair technological rules, which lead to such undesirable consequences. At the final stage of the study the students offered their own solutions to prevent any further occurrences of such deviations.

Vladimir Dvoeglazov, a former student of SNRU, and now the head of the company’s reliability department, says: "I was pleasantly surprised by the Samara University students’ prominent level of technical expertise and their excellent specialized education. They could offer an innovative and adequate way to solve the technical problems presented. I personally would like very much to see these guys as employees of our company».