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UWCA’s wireman won the bronze medal at WorldSkills Hi-Tech-2018

On October-24-28 the championship WorldSkills Hi-Tech — the Russia's largest festival uniting young professionals aged 18 to 28 from the leading industrial enterprises - was held in Yekaterinburg's EXPO Centre

The Ural Works of civil aviation (“UWCA”) was represented by Evgeny Prosvirnin, an Aircraft electrical machinery wireman of the “Airplanes” division who took part in the competition's section “Installation of the aircraft avionics”.


After working hard for 12 hours a day for three days in a row, Evgeny can finally have a sigh of relief — he got an honorable third place.

The participant says that he had not expected to get any award, although he did his best at the competition.

“To be honest, I could not afford giving up my main work and taking all the time to prepare for the competition — my colleagues are counting on me and my work is always a priority. That is why during the competition I mainly used my skills I got while doing my daily job without any additional training. At the same time, I know that many guys had been working on similar tasks for months at their job places in order to win the WorldSkills awards”, said Evgeny.

The participants were challenged with difficult tasks: pre-assembly of the jammer dispenser control system panel of electrical unit, interblock mounting of the jammer dispenser control system panel and the final assembly of the jammer dispenser control system panel.

Since Evgeny's job involves assembling of the onboard avionics equipment of the Diamond DA 42T aircraft (installation and assembly), many of the tasks he had to do during the competition were familiar to him: brazing, harness wiring, crimping of the contacts of the connector and other. He easily handled all of them. However, due to the lack of special tools at the competition, Evegeny had to get creative.

The competitors of our brave Evgeny were the employees of the United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) and Rostec- the leading Russian corporations.

The skills of the WorldSkills competitors were evaluated by experts who are called compatriots e.g. specialists who have to be objective and unprejudiced to all participants, yet they have to defend the rights of "their" participant - an employee from the same enterprise in case if his/her work is unfairly evaluated. The role of a factory expert was given to Maksim Lipovoy, deputy head of the reliability department. He said that the judging was objective, and there was no disagreement between the evaluating parties.

"I cannot say that the preparation of participants was made at their best" — Maxim admits. "All the participants have something to improve, especially in the part of technical documentation. As for Evgeny, he completed most of the tasks correctly, for which he was awarded the third place".

To let “UWCA” be presented at the championship, the “UWCA”'s training manager, Maria Popova, took up all responsibility for the organization process. She supported and assisted the “UWCA”’s participants during all the days of the championship including the weekend.

"The opening ceremony and the atmosphere of the championship were the most remarkable", said Maria. "There was the atmosphere of healthy competition and team patriotism. This is a feeling of the pride for my company, a sense of belonging to the company, when the “UWCA” corporate flag was carried out at the opening ceremony…. and a feeling of joy when our colleague won the 3rd place 

This proves that there are real professionals in our company, even among young employees. This award is the result of the joint teamwork of the participant and the expert, and we demonstrated the high level of our professionalism at such a significant event”, she added.