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UWCA Congratulated Ladies on March 8

This year, Ural Works of Civil Aviation has chosen an unconventional format for congratulating the fair sex on International Women's day: it has organized a workshop called «Saving the World with Our Beauty» on the occasion of March 8.

The organizers invited the best beauty coaches of the city who held a series of master classes on beauty practices.


The factory ladies learned how to gain perfect posture in 10 minutes a day, how to speed up the metabolism and increase energy reserves in 10 minutes a day, how to lose weight with proper breathing in the same 10 minutes a day and how to keep one's face young without creams or facelift in... that's right, 10 minutes a day!


In addition, UWCA ladies learned how to make fast but elegant hairstyles and quick everyday make-up, got acquainted with new products in the sphere of fashion and style and learned many useful beauty secrets.