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Social Policy

We take care that our employees have both decent wages and comfortable conditions for working and living. To achieve this goal, we implement a social policy at Ural Works of Civil Aviation. It includes several types of activities.

Housing Program

Some categories of our employees have an opportunity to obtain a residence from the company. Such categories include promising employees from other regions who have aviation or technical education or have a profession which is highly valued at UWCA and cannot be learned at the educational institutions of Ekaterinburg.

Furthermore, residential property is provided to the highly qualified professionals and workers with specialized in-demand skills who work in another city or town at the time when UWCA offers employment to them.

The employees with specialized in-demand skills who have worked at UWCA under primary employment for at least two years may obtain a residence under a lease with a purchase option.


One of the UWCA’s structural divisions is kindergarten No. 584 sponsored by the works. It ranks among the best child care facilities of Ekaterinburg. This can be confirmed by a large number of awards and prizes won in different competitions that are held among kindergartens and nursery teachers. Currently, 260 children attend this kindergarten.

All employees of UWCA (including new employees who have passed the probationary period) may apply for childcare for their children.

The employees of the factory pay only 50% of the cost of the childcare services.

Health Care

Our company provides preliminary and periodic mandatory and extraordinary medical examinations for its employees at its own expense.

UWCA, JSC cooperates with SK-Med medical centre and gives its employees an opportunity to receive some medical services free of charge.

The list of such services includes:

— professional medical advice

— nursing services

— physical therapy

— laboratory services and

— chest X-ray


Our company pays particular attention to the enhancing of the professional level of our employees.

The training system for the employees, maintained at the expense of UWCA, includes the following:

— training of new employees

— retraining and professional development

— advanced training

— mandatory training and certification with the relevant external authorities

— assessment and admission to unsupervised work with the right to execute engineering design documentation

Sports Activities

Health care and sports activities take an important part in the company. The sports activities include a free swimming pool, a soccer group, and competitions in various sports. The company’s management welcomes the opening of any new sports groups at the Works and provides financial support if the group includes minimum 20 participants.

Corporate Events

The annual major festivals celebrated at UWCA are held in the form of a recreational activity. For example, in winter, we celebrate New Year holiday together with the employees and their families at the ski resorts, recreation centres or other out-of-town sites. In summer, we organize the Children’s Day for all the employees’ children. This festival includes an entertainment show, fun quests, and various amusements. Anniversaries of the company are celebrated in the form of concerts and festivals. UWCA’s employees actively participate in the corporate life of the Works, such as athletic and sports competitions and tournaments, festivities, shooting of corporate films, and other events initiated by the company’s management.

Social Partnership

There is a Trade Union Committee at Ural Works of Civil Aviation which controls performance of the collective agreement. Any employee can access this document which regulates relations between the employer and the employees.

Social Support and Charity

UWCA provides financial support to its employees and their close relatives who have faced a difficult situation that may threaten their life or health. Moreover, the company helps charitable institutions and lends assistance to the orphanages.